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AAAN Newsletter

  1. Standard Of Practice (SOP) for the Advertising Industry

The Advertising Industry Standard of Practice (AISOP) was announced on October 6, 2021 in the presence of other heads of sectoral groups at the Sheraton Hotel.

Some of the highlights of the new AISOP are:
  • AISOP protects the agency in the area of payment terms. Clients are now expected to pay agencies within 45 days or start to pay interest using CBN rate and in extreme cases of default, face the law.
  • Agencies are now empowered to demand pitch fees from clients which attracts N1M per agency. Agencies do not need to demand for it but report to APCON who will in turn take it up with the client for enforcement.
  • Disengagement of agencies now has processes. Clients must fully offset debt to the agency in the case of termination.
  • APCON is in discussion with ICPC and EFCC with the full support of the Hon. Minister of Information to ensure the implementation of the AISOP, especially if multinationals/Clients/Agency refuse to follow the new SOP.
  • Engagement protocol is now very strict. All must adhere to it or face the law.
  1. AAAN Monitoring Unit

Following the setup of AISOP by APCON, the Executive Board also set up a Monitoring/Compliance Unit within the association to monitor the AISOP guidelines. Below are their roles, responsibilities and the mode of operation of the committee:

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Sensitize the industry on the dos and don’ts within the code of ethics and constitution.
  • Monitor infringements of AAAN and APCON codes and laws.
  • Report and track cases of infringements and non-compliance.
  • Prepare quarterly reports of their activities to the Board.

Mode of Operation

  • Report cases of non-compliance and infringements directly to the Board.
  • Provide easy means for practitioners and agencies to report cases of infringements.
  • They will also liaise with the Professional Practices Committee in ensuring compliance.
  1. Welfare Committee

The Board noted that aside from raising funds whenever any member is in critical challenge or in case of loss of life, there is the need to show empathy by physical visitation to the bereaved family, making calls and sending delegates to show some love and concern to the family. She further explained that one of the ways which the Board had planned to support members in case of loss of life was through life insurance policy but had been put on hold due to APCON professional indemnity insurance.

The Board has therefore set up a Welfare Committee to identify areas of need of members and provide support to all member agencies. The Committee has since commenced activities.

  1. 50th Anniversary of the Association

As you may be aware, the Association would be celebrating its 50th Anniversary next year.  For this reason, the Executive Board has put together a special sub-committee to work out the modalities in organizing a befitting event for the Association.  More details will be communicated shortly.

  1. President’s Committee Award

In order to improve commitment and effectiveness of standing committees, the President has introduced the President’s Committee award. The award this year was given to the Events committee which had a total of 33 meetings and coordinated several successful events. The President has had a bonding session with the committee members.

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