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Membership Obligations & Expectation

What we expect from our members

Members Expectations from Association

  • Membership support programme shall be put in place by the Association to protect its members from clients
  • media houses and third parties and arbitrate on any dispute arising from their practice.
  • Professional training and development opportunities shall be organized at affordable fees to improve the skills
  • knowledge and competence of agency staff at various levels and cadres.
  • Research data bank shall be established to gather new information and update existing data in the advertising and marketing communications industry.
  • The Association shall seek to influence government policies in favour of its members
  • seek greater recognition and utilization of its membership in government information management (advertising and publicity) and secure appointments to relevant government panels and committees for practitioners.
  • The Association shall encourage the highest creative and business standards among members as well as enforce strict compliance to the code of conduct and sanction any erring member(s).
  • The Association shall continue to ensure adequate remuneration for services rendered by members as well as appropriate pricing for their services.
  • Improvement Support Services (ISS) shall be put in place to enable the Association carry out continuous assessment of advertising agency practices such as agency remuneration
  • billing system
  • income system
  • media planning/buying system etc and offer suggestions based on studies and circulated regularly to members free.
  • Agency linkage/staff exchange programme shall be instituted and facilitated by the AAAN and made mandatory amongst member-agencies to enhance professionalism within the industry.
  • Suspended membership status of about 6 – 12 months shall be created and granted to members adjudged to be passing through difficult times while such agencies shall be exempted from paying annual dues during suspended membership period at the discretion of the Executive Board.
  • The Association shall set up a consultancy unit to counsel and assist agencies passing through difficult times and advise them on how to get out of their problems.
  • There shall be free flow of information from the Secretariat to member-agencies and vice-versa using the AAAN Advertising In Nigeria (AIN) Journal and Newsletter or similar organs as the mouth organs for the Association.

Association’s Expectations from Members

  • Member-agencies shall subscribe to the general principles and standards of advertising practice world wide as embraced by the Association.
  • Member-agencies shall respect and demonstrate strong commitment to the AAAN Constitution
  • Memorandum and Article of Association
  • standards of practice and code of conduct as well as the AAAN mission statement.
  • Member-agencies shall promote the Association’s ideals proudly using its symbols such as logos
  • pins and other mementos.
  • Member-agencies shall not exhibit manners that are detrimental or prejudicial or that may bring the Association into disrepute.
  • Member-agencies shall obey all AAAN directives failing which appropriate sanctions shall be invoked.
  • Member-agencies are expected to promptly pay their subscriptions and meet their financial obligations to the Association.
  • Member-agencies are expected to demonstrate high-level interest and participate fully in all Association’s activities.
  • Member-agencies are expected to submit themselves for re-inspection once in three years failing which any erring member(s) shall be suspended.
  • Member-agencies are expected to release their staffers for service to AAAN.
  • Member-agencies to submit their annual audited report and total billings to the Secretariat of the Association.