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Statement on pitch fee

Statement On Pitch Fee

Recent developments have necessitated the AAAN Executive Board revisiting the issue of proper remuneration for member-agencies during pitch exercises.  It has become clear that the current figures do not take into cognizance the value and volume of efforts that go into a pitch exercise.  However, as a token and symbol of profession, the AAAN Executive Board has approved the following fee structure for pitches with effect from Tuesday, February 27, 2007:

  1. Profile Presentation    –    Client’s Discretion
  2. Strategy Presentation    –    N500,000
  3. Creative Presentation   –    N750,000
  4. Below the Line    –   N250,000

The Board also discussed with some concern the prevalent issue of members not advising prospective clients on the need to pay pitch fees, and cases where our members still go ahead and participate in pitches when the prospect indicates there will be no pitch fees.  This is in clear violation of existing rules of the Association, and the Executive Board wishes to remind members that it is also sanctionable.

The Executive Board therefore wishes to urge members that the issue of pitch/rejection fees must be discussed and agreed with prospects/clients before a pitch, and where the prospect or client is unwilling to pay, our members should decline participation in the exercise.  It is only by keeping to the rules and ethics of the profession that the Association can truly attain the desired level of professionalism we all yearn for, and earn the respect of our clients.

Heads of member-agencies are hereby enjoined to inform the Association of any unprofessional conduct by clients or colleagues, before, during or after a pitch exercise.  All complaints should be addressed to the Chairman of the Professional Practices Committee of the Association.

Please help the AAAN to keep the standards of practice.